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Join our delightful team to see from the ground up how we craft our award winning cheese on our family run farm in the hills of South Lanarkshire.


Join us for Errington Cheese's annual open farm Sunday. 

Suitable for all the family, The walk will start with a introductory talk about cheese making and the history of Errington Cheese.  You will then be able to watch the cheese making in action through the observation windows. 

The tour will then continue through the barns where there will be ample opportunity to interact with our herds of dairy sheep and goats. 

Please come prepared for the weather. Practical footwear is advised.

Free to join !

Tours will run at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, & 2pm. 

Due to space constraints tours are limited to 15 (including children).

We kindly ask that you book a ticket for each member of your group

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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The Cheese Monger Tour starts with a welcome introduction talk about the history of Errington Cheese and the history of cheese making in the area. The tour then enters the cheese making buildings where you will be able to get up close with the process. We will then enter the cheese maturation vaults where we can sample reserve cheese wheels for the ultimate tasting experience. 

We will then continue through the farm and into the barns where we can interact with the sheep, goats, and pigs. We will then enter the milking parlor to look at the mechanisms by how the animals are milked. 

The tour then concludes in the the Cheese Shop where your guide will take you through an in depth tasting. 

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost £50 per person 

Max no. per tour: 4

Not suitable for young children

Errington Cheese Scotland177.jpg
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The Cheese & Farm Walk includes a welcome introductory talk about the history of tradition cheese making in South Lanarkshire and the illustrious origins of Errington Cheese. We will then tour around the old farmhouse buildings. From the observation windows your guide will highlight the different stages of the cheese making process. 

From there the tour continues through the barns where there is ample opportunity to interact with our friendly herds of sheep, goats, and pigs. The tour then progresses into the milking parlor to look at the mechanisms by which the animals are milked. 

The walk then concludes in the Cheese Shop where you will be offered the opportunity to sample the various cheese's discussed in detail throughout the walk. 

Duration: 1 Hour 

Cost: £12.50 per person

Max No. per Group: 8 

Suitable for children 


Join us in the charming and rustic farmhouse. Here there are private rooms available for various events and functions all catered to your specific requirements. 

The rooms an quaint and immersive with a farmland backdrop. Tailored food options are available including charcuterie boards, tasting platters, and lunches.  

Bespoke tour options of the cheese making buildings and farm can also be arranged. 

Please email: to discuss packages and arrange a booking. 

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