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Nutritional details

Please note that these will vary throughout the season and between batches due to the natural changes in the milk over the lactation period and the fact that the cheese is handmade.


Moisture 39.3%, Fat 31.2%, Saturated Fat 21% Salt 1-1.5%, Protein 22.3% Ash 2.7% Carbohydrate 4.5%, Energy 1622.2KJ 388 kcal, Sugar <1% Dietary Fibre 0% Monounsaturated 8.5% Polyunsaturated 1.6%



Our original and famous Lanark Blue cheese is made from unpasteurised ewes milk from our own flock of Lacaune ewes. Lanark Blue is completely handmade on our farm.  We pump the milk across from our parlour each morning to our vats less than 20 metres away and the cheese matures in our cool and moist traditional stone buildings giving it its unique flavour.


We mature the cheese for six weeks (early season) and for up to 8 months for Christmas time / Burns night. As we only milk the sheep from January to September, seasonal variations in the cheese will be found. Spring cheese will be fresh and sweet with the blue veins providing a light blue flavour while cheese for Christmas/ Burns night will be more powerful becoming more pungent (described as a kilt-lifter on a recent visit to Switzerland!)


A whole cheese weighs around 3.5kg's.  We sell them whole, halved or quartered and we can cut into wedges to order. We also make baby cheeses which weigh around 450g and are ideal for hampers or a really smart cheeseboard.


We make all our Lanark Blue with vegetarian rennet and wrap it in foil to preserve it.

Lanark Blue is best eaten at room temperature. It should be stored in the fridge at around 3-5º and once opened should be wrapped in cling-film to keep it at its best.