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Humphrey's stuffed leaves

8 large spinach or savoy cabbage leaves

8 oz Errington‘s ricotta or Goats curd

1 oz chopped parsley

2 eggs

4 oz dry cured back bacon, OR

8 oz smoked haddock

2oz grated Corra Linn

Wipe a baking dish with olive oil.

Blanch leaves In boiling water just long enough to soften them and set to one side Fry bacon and chop up OR flake the haddock Mash ricotta, parsley and eggs; then mix in the bacon/ haddock.

Place leaves one by one on a flat surface and spoon ricotta mix on to the middle. Fold into parcels with the stalk side at the bottom.

Place parcels into the baking dish and scatter over the grated cheese. Bake in moderate oven until cheese has turned golden brown (about 20 mins). Serve hot.

#goatscurd, #corralinn #glutenfree

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