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Sheena's Blackcurrant Cheesecake


450g black currants

Agave syrup

90g dates

90g cashew nuts

50g almonds

25g melted butter

350g Errington’s ricotta or Goats curd

150ml soured cream


Put the black currants into a baking dish. Drizzle with agave syrup. (Don’t be tempted to use too much syrup as the currants need to be sharp in contrast to the sweetness of the base). Bake until currants are just soft but holding their shape.

Chop the nuts and dates in a food processor. Add the melted butter. Turn out and press into a 9” greased flan dish, covering the base in an even layer.

Blend the ricotta and soured cream and spread over the nut mixture. Carefully spoon the black currants over the top. Chill, then serve.

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