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Support Scottish Cheese Box & McMillan Cancer Care

Today we launched a new Scottish Cheese box, with the idea of working together with other Cheese makers to help collectively improve our sales during the lockdown and make running a new online part of the business financially viable.

The box will be a mixture of different Scottish Cheeses as well as our own, some Chutney and a £5 donation to Charity for each box

The Scottish Cheese Box can be bought online and delivered via courier from

This Month’s selection includes Isle of Mull & Strathearn as well as our own award Sheep and Goats milk cheeses.

The Cheeses will vary each month as will the Charity with the idea of a full balanced Cheese board which can be enjoyed at home

We wanted to support charities who are also struggling during this period and whose services are becoming even more vital during the Covid 19 crisis. This Month my father Humphrey Errington has chosen McMillan Cancer Support. £5 from each cheese box sold will be donated.

Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese makers across the UK have been severely impacted following the closure of all the restaurants and hotels where depending on the business 80% of the cheese was being used and consumed. This has left us with high amounts of cheese ready to be consumed with no market most of which was made months or even years earlier.

Many Cheese makers rely on their own supply of milk which they have to use all of to make into Cheese as it is not possibly to wholesale it elsewhere so it is really important to keep eating the produce from small cheesemakers in order to allow us to survive this period until the lockdown is eased and the restaurants re-open.

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